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MyFirst Camera Collection shatters the toy camera stereotype. Our cameras function like standard digital cameras and beyond! Experience the world through your child's lens with our amazing photo quality.


Kids Camera

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring myFirst Camera 2 to swim?

The Camera 2 is equipped with a durable waterproof and shockproof casing, making it suitable for water sports and outdoor activities. Remember to utilize the casing to ensure protection during such endeavors.

Can I transfer photo wirelessly using myFirst Camera Insta Wi app?

Yes, photos taken using myFirst Camera Insta Wi can be transferred wirelessly using the app. Download the exclusive Insta Wi app on Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store. Customize your own label, transfer photos wirelessly and print easily with this simple app!

Is the thermal paper for myFirst Insta Wi/Insta 2 BPA-free?

Your kids' safety is always myFirst's top concern. We choose better quality and BPA-free thermal paper on our products.

What is the maximum memory card size that I can use for myFirst cameras?

myFirst digital cameras has the capability to accommodate a maximum of a 32GB memory card.