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Watch Strap for myFirst Fone S3/S3+/R2

Watch Strap for myFirst Fone S3/S3+/R2

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Change your strap, change your mood! With quick-release mechanism and 8 colors to choose from, the extra straps for myFirst Fone S3, myFirst Fone S3+ and myFirst Fone R2 can suit your kid's style everyday.
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Customer Reviews

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Andrei Asipenka

Just bought R2 for my 7 yo daughter.

The problem is very simple - looks like the watch does not work in mobile networks in Poland. I contacted a support by filling a form on zendesk. But after a week nobody replied. Zendesk incident was just hanging in Open status.
Then I wrote to the MyFirstTech WhatsApp. Here I got a reply quite quickly. The support recognised and accepted the problem and ask some time to contact their tech guys. Now I am waiting again. 3 business days passed - there is no a single update.

Also while I have good impression on hardware build quality I am fully dissappointed by software / services part. E.g. there two apps in the appstore MyFirstCircle and MyFirst Fone. The last one never actually worked for me but I do not understand the difference between apps. What is the difference?
It's hard to login to the online site. There are different domains like,,, My Safari blows its (and my) mind trying to understand which credentials to use - either to use the same creds for all domains or different.

MacOS badly supported. To upload media to the watch I was asked to install Android simulator.
Charing / Data cable has UBS type A. Seriously? Even car makers use USB type C nowadays. MacBook does not have USB type A for 5 years already.

I mean everything I mentioned is not a big deal but it just contradicts for the hardware. I am a professional software developer and the software looks like MVP 1 - if you look at it but do not use it looks awesome. Start using and you will be hammering a lot of small issues.

To sum up:
- nice looking hardware
- do not work in Poland (while being sold to this market officially)
- awful support
- many small issues: bad authentication flow, poor MacOS support etc